PySide6.QtWidgets.QLineEdit. dragEnabled # Return type. bool. This property holds whether the lineedit starts a drag if the user presses and moves the mouse on some selected text... "/>

This is an example of using OpenGL vertex and fragment shaders with the new OpenGL features of Qt5. Shaders are based on GLSL 1.30 for compatibility with Intel's open source Linux drivers. The code is based on Dr. Sean Harmer's talk "OpenGL with Qt 5" given at Qt Developer Days 2012. This C++ library supplies an interface between the fonts on your system and an OpenGL or Mesa application. It uses the excellent FreeType library to read font faces from their files and renders text strings as OpenGL primitives. OGLFT is hosted on SourceForge. If you have questions or comments, try out the OLGFT mailing list . Important Note. Hello. I hope i write to the address. I need help with configuring BEAGLEBOARD+ANGSTROM+QT+OPENGL. i have error message when trying to configure qt 4.7.3:.

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